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“In 2018 we sprayed 5 acres of oats with GroAloe as a test. We did not spray these 5 acres with any other products including fertilizers and herbicides. We sprayed these crops twice in the season as is our normal practice in crop spraying. The remainder of our crops we sprayed with fertilizers and fungicides as per our normal practice. OatThe 5 acres of oats sprayed with GroAloe had no diseases or detrimental fungi and had a 15% increase in both yield and weight in comparison to the crops sprayed withfertilizers and fungicides. These latter crops also showed evidence of disease. GroAloe works by allowing crops and plants to draw up more nutrients from the soilso that it can better fight off diseases, detrimental fungi and pest, and put its energy into growth.” Vance Shmyr, Saskatchewan In 2018, Green Slate Solutions was looking for a farmer who was willing to do an independent trial using GroAloe on a cereal crop. Vance Shmyr, in Saskatchewan, agreed to volunteer and provided us with 5 acres of oats with which to do the trial. We had a specific protocol for spraying crops, which was to apply GroAloe at the following intervals for optimum efficiencies:
  • Soak the seeds in a dark area with a 6% solution of GroAloe for 4 hours and completely dry the seeds before drilling.
  • Foliar / soak application of the soil after seed placement.
  • Foliar application of soil and entire plant at stages 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
Mr. Shmyr insisted on using his usual spray regime, which was to spray the crop only twice during the season. As a result, we asked that the solution be increased to 12%. The 5 acres were to be sprayed with no fertilizers and no pesticides. Given that only two sprayings were carried out, and no fertilizers were used, the 15% increase in yield was extremely impressive.

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