Ready for an Eco-friendly, 100% Aloe Vera Soil Amendment Solution?

Introducing GroAloe, By Coats Agri-Aloe.
A Safe, Organic Solution to Growing Better Crops

The Product, GroAloe, Works In Assisting Crops To Naturally Be More Productive

Tests have shown up to a 50% increase in production from plants/crops through the use of GroAloe. Aloe vera, the main and only ingredient in GroAloe, contains plant growth factors helping to produce larger, more productive plants and crops. There are no proven ill effects when it enters the water supply.

Main Benefits of GroAloe:

  • Aids in the natural protection of crops.
  • The Lignin’s in aloe vera allow the crops to utilize the nutrient and moisture supply more efficiently with less stress
  • Assists crops to grow healthier, larger, and greener by creating the optimal environment to more efficiently use UV rays allowing photosynthesis to take place
  • Does not alter the genetic makeup of plants/crops
  • Is an organically grown product

Leveraging The Power Of Aloe Vera In Agriculture

Our Vision Is Your Health

Our Mission is to increase the global food supply
safely, effectively & chemical-free

GroAloe is a revolutionary soil amendment product crafted from organically-grown whole leaf Barbadensis Aloe—the most popular aloe species on Earth. Known for its many health benefits and medicinal uses, aloe vera is a safe and non-toxic evergreen perennial succulent with proven effectiveness in improving soil quality. GroAloe is made using a patented process devised by our company founder Bill C. Coats, whose pioneering research facilitated aloe vera’s introduction into the world of commercial products. 

About GroAloe

GroAloe is a 100% pure Aloe Vera concentrate soil amendment that includes over 20 amino acids and important carbohydrates that enhance…

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Texas A&M’s Seed-Soaking Study

In 2019, Texas A&M’s AgriLife Research Center made a fascinating discovery after pre-soaking seeds in a diluted solution of GroAloe!

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Research Institute’s Rice Crop Study

Indonesia’s International Rice Research Institute was impressed by GroAloe’s effectiveness at keeping noxious pests off rice crops!

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Welcome to Coats Agri-Aloe

Our Mission

increase global food
supply safely and effectively with chemical free products

Coats Agri Aloe is on a mission to create safer soil so farmers can grow better vegetables that are healthier for everyone. 

Our Stories

Our Mission
increase global food
supply safely and effectively with chemical free products

From healthy soil to better vegetables on the shelf, from farmers’ incomes to fair labor practices, our work brings positive change to people’s lives.

5 Reasons To Use GroAloe by Coats Agri Aloe