Meet Our Distributors

Coats Agri Aloe is proud partners with the following distributors who share our commitment to improving nutrition through eco-friendlier products. 

We’re a global leader in human and animal nutrition and the world’s premier agricultural origination and processing company.

Full Circle Logo

Full Circle Enterprises LLC

FCE provides top notch, cutting edge building cleaning and maintenance products, services & solutions.

We are the Master Global Distributor for GroAloe, 1st Place Science Hospital Disinfectant and our own private label brand Wipe Out Sanitizer
as well as other general commercial supplies.

Our customers include businesses and local government agencies such as LA Animal Services, City of Los Angeles, Parks & Rec, LADWP & More.

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Green Slate Solutions

Green Slate’s mission statement:

In the agricultural marketplace, to improve the global food chain and help feed an expanding population with a food supply that is safe, healthy and nutritious. 

In the consumer marketplace, to provide products that are safe to use and have a minimum effect on our environment.

Aloe 420

Aloe420 is an all-natural bio-stimulant soil amendment designed to enhance healthier growth of cannabis. Made from 100% aloe vera using a 50-year-old patented whole leaf process, Aloe420 contains zero additives, by-products, or other ingredients.

Coats GroAloe Europe

Coats GroAloe is made of 100% IFOAM certified organic Aloe Vera by a patented process.  The active properties in GroAloe™ allow plants to more efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil and promotes plant growth and blooms while protecting plants from insects and bacterial pathogens*.